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Skylar Turns Blue

Skylar Turns Blue Trisomy 18


September 13, 2016
Skylar started to throw up bad and then all of a sudden she stops breathing and turns blue. I (mom) started to hit her back as I’m yelling to Shea go get me the thing to suck out her throw up out of her mouth. Shea has no idea what’s going on so I’m still pounding on her back and then I splash cold water on her and she finally breathes.

She is fine now back to normal. Breathing fine and now sleeping. I’m getting the eye because she is wondering why I splash her with cold water lol. Man I’m still trying to calm down after that.

Then I get a call to go to a pre op appointment Thursday to set up surgery.  My cesarean cut is not healing. Will be back in surgery and hope it will heal the way it should be.


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