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Skylar Trisomy 18 Death Certificate

Skylar Allen Trisomy 18 Heaven Angel


October 21, 2016
I guess it’s real now, we picked up Skylar’s death certificate. It was heart failure. Oh we miss her so much. I wish God could tell me she is alright and with love ones up in Heaven. Maybe if she weighed more we could have found someone who could have repaired her heart, then we could have had her longer.

Even though Skylar Allen isn’t here, we still want our journey to carry on her story isn’t over. With that been said my depression is hitting hard. I’m making a doctor appointment so I can get help before it gets bad. I have to still move on for the sake of Shea. I want to out that out there because it’s still her story and her journey we going through. Missing my baby. I miss snuggling with her and going to sleep.


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