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Skylar Trisomy 18 Baby Alert Active



July 14, 2016
She did good yesterday with feeding her from the bottle. Doctor decided to keep her NG tube off and see how she does with just the bottle. I’ll (dad) keep saying till the day I die, Trisomy babies deserve more in life then doctors are giving them.

She has her 2 month doctor appointment on July 27th. She will get her 2 month shots. We will find out what her weight and length is now. They will start testing to see how her organs are doing, and her ventricular septal defect (VSD ) is doing. Do a full diagnoses to see what needs to be treated.

So far she beating her death life the doctors gave her for only to live 1-2 weeks after birth. Very active and alert. She know my (dad) voice and Jessica (mom’s) voice. Lost for words, she’s precious. She is a blessing from God. God is answering prayers, she is special.

She is here teaching us and our community. Has brought our community closer. We go into Walmart and other stores and people we never knew recognize Skylar. Will stop talk, give hugs and thank them for their prayers.


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