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Skylar off Do not resuscitate DNR


July 09, 2016
We took Skylar off the Do not resuscitate (DNR). Being on a DNR they were just feeding her, not treating her condition or seeing if worth saving just because she has a chromosome Trisomy 18 disorder. We have hospice and doctor coming Monday, June 11, 2016 to talk with us.

It makes us sad and angry doctors says she incompetent to thrive in life. She deserve a chance in life, she is a fighter and getting stronger daily. Babies with Trisomy 18 have a right to live, just like any other child. Doctors need view differently, and try to help save these babies. Not fair doctors want to push them off and not help them survive. They deserve just as much respect as any normal baby is given. If it was a doctors child they would fight tooth and nail to have their baby survive.

God has a plan and let her live to teach us. God is answering our prayers. Our community is the best we could be in. Keep those prayers coming.


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