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Skylar might be Tongue Tied





August 07, 2016
We went to church today. We thank GOD every morning for letting us have Skylar Allen. She will be 3 months old on the 20th. She loves snuggling up to my clothes when holding her.

I think Skylar Allen might be tongue tied. I (mom) will be calling Skylar’s doctor in the morning after dropping Shea off to school.

I (mom) am so tired finally getting to bed well maybe if Skylar let’s me. She was awake most of last night. So sorry if I didn’t answer phone calls or texts today. I was so busy with my nurse coming by then Skylar Allen nurses and some people stopping by along with getting Shea ready for school tomorrow. All of this with a hour of sleep last night, lol Well off to bed another busy day tomorrow.


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