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Skylar Improving at Ryan’s House

June 11, 2016
Skylar is doing good at Ryan’s house. Doctor’s say she is looking good. Her breathing has improved and the doctors took her off her oxygen on Friday 06/10/16. They will her for the next 24 hrs to see how she responds. They also took her off of Lasix. 

I’ve been watching Skylar like a hawk since she is off her oxygen and Lasix. If she stays stable we can try to bring her home again this coming Wednesday, which is that 2 week mark the doctors said she wouldn’t make it to.

Mother, Jessica had to be rushed to the ER due to her cesarean is leaking puss. She trying to stay calm, since she already had one panic attack. She is so concern with Skylar and that she has been lax on her own health.

I had my trisomy 18 ribbon with Skylar Jean Allen tattoo done on my arm. This is very special to me. My two girls mean the world to me. I dedicated this to my Skylar Jean Allen. She is our Angel, and Casa Grande’s Angel. It is also for Trisomy 18 awareness. Scott Kilpatrick at Outlaw Ink did the work.

Thank you all for the prayers, keep them coming. We are glad to have all of Casa Grande in Skylar’s life, thank you again. Prayers seem to be working, and we thank you all. Don’t stop praying, God is working miracles.


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