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Saddest News


May 31, 2016
Our baby girl, our princess, we love you so much. Been at the hospital all day. Half way through the day the doctor comes in the room. She brought saddest news we didn’t want to hear. She said our Skylar would have a week to two weeks to live. Now the whole room is in tears, I’m trying to comfort my wife.

They talked to us about taking her home, we said no too scared to do so. Then they suggested hospice. So the hospice nurse came by explain the program and such. Then the ask if we want to revive her is she starts to shut down. Man that is the toughest thing to do. For her best interest we chose not to do so. We want her to go in peace and pain free. Praying for her to hold out till out of state family shows up. God please bless her with the strength to hang on.


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