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Skylar First Full Day Home

June 16, 2016
Skylar came home last night. Skylar is spending time with daddy. I love this girl, shoot I love both my girls to Pluto and back. She has been off of her oxygen, and lasix since Friday.  Her skin is a healthy pink in color.

We are trying to get some sleep, but is hard knowing your precious child can be called to see God at any moment. She is a fighter and proven the doctors wrong that said she wouldn’t survive 1-2 weeks. Well she did! Four more days and she will be one month old.

Family is spending as much time as they can with Skylar. Getting back to work on Monday. Wife will try to go back to work in August. I just pray to God that I don’t get behind on bills. Don’t want to lose anything. I appreciate all that have donated, and future donations. This will start chipping away at her medical bills. Please keep praying, I don’t want to give her up yet. 

Thank you for putting your healing hands on our daughter. Please keep healing her with your powerful hands. Prayer is strong Lord, and your healing miracles are amazing.
In your name we pray.


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