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Skylar at Hospice

shea-big-sister-holding-skylar skylar-hospice-trisomy-18-on-pony

June 2, 2016
Skylar was discharged from NICU. Doctor sent Skylar to hospice here in Tucson. We have her at Peppi’s House hospice. The nurses are falling in love with her. All the nurses are fighting over who will get to care for our sweet princess. We feel at home here, and treated like family.

She is stable, and on Lasix meds for the fluid in her lungs. Has a hole in the heart, which she is building up fluid. This is making it harder for her to breathe. I pray in God’s name he can heal her. Heart rate when we left the hospital was 190.

Hospice has a pony and Skylar is enjoying to pony. The Ronald McDonald house of Tucson have been so amazing to us. The had a party for our 9 year daughter Shea, she was so surprised and enjoyed all the family around. We now will find a way to help the Ronald McDonald house for now on.

We have family flying in to see her Saturday 06/04/16. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all that has been donated or are praying for Skylar also. Skylar I believe is here to make people aware of Trisomy 18. She is a blessing and we love her to Pluto and back. She is my little Packer fan..


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