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Skylar Home not Good


June 08, 2016
Peppi’s house in Tucson discharged her, and we brought Skylar home yesterday 06/07/16. While at home her vitals started to drop. Ryan’s house hospice nurse came by, and talked to us on what is going on. We didn’t know that being discharged from Hospice and bringing her home that is will be the place for her to pass. Skylar condition isn’t so good at home. Oxygen levels dropping low.

We couldn’t handle that. We decided that it best for Skylar to be at Ryan’s house where she would be by nurses 24/7.  They’re taking her to the Ryan’s house in Phoenix.

I’m being selfish, I don’t want God to have her yet. The medical personnel are straight to the point. I don’t want to believe in their assumption on my daughter. I’m letting faith prove them wrong. She is a fighter.

I’m asking God please let her enjoy a healthy life. I want to trade with her, please God I had a good 35 years. I want her to experience a childhood like I had. Sorry for the crappy update.

I asked God again in tears to take me, and let her live a long normal healthy life. My heart is sad, and praying for a miracle. Any help you provide will help us with her bills, and other bills, due to us traveling back and forth from Phoenix to Casa Grande. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Allen family.


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