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Skylar and Jessica Mom

Skylar got Blood work Done



August 22, 2016
I (Jessica-mom) feel so overwhelmed today. Not enough sleep from last night. Got Shea up and to school back home listening to her feeding monitor going off because of her tube getting clog.

I had to go up to Phoenix children hospital to get Skylar the right feeding tube. Came home put it in Skylar and it rip so nurse came out, put one back in and the stupid feeding tube clogged all night. So no sleep because of that and arm sore from flu shot.

I’m waiting on my nurses to get here to change my wound care stuff, then need to take Skylar to Labcorp to get her blood work labs. This is to see how her organs are functioning.

Sometimes I want to threw in the towel but I can’t I have some many people that depend on me. I know I shouldn’t be complaining because all this could be take away from me. But this is a lot for one person. I just need to nap. Just need to snuggle up with Skylar and nap till I have to get Shea from school but as soon as I do her monitor will go off. The life of a special needs mom lol. Sorry for the rant.


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