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Skylar and Dad all Weekend

September 25, 2016
Was a big weekend, me and Skylar, we were all alone. Mommy and sister Shea went camping with her girl scout troop. Auntie Viola got Skylar the sunglasses.

Skylar and I went to St Anthony’s Catholic Church today. Mommy and sister are home and Shea learned how to use a bow & arrow. They had a blast. Skylar and I did great this weekend, with just the two of us.

sister shea at girl scout campout

Skylar Allen development team came by last week and set goals can’t wait to get started on them. Shea thinks it’s funny because Skylar has homework. We are working on her hands to get her to open up her fingers, without fist clinging them.

Jessica will be having surgery on Friday at 7 am but have to be there at 5:30 am. Finally will hopefully be over with all of this and will heal good now.


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