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Skylar Allen Four Months Old Trisomy 18 Life

Skylar Allen Four Months old Trisomy 18


September 20, 2016
 Since Skylar was born with Trisomy 18, our little fancy lady had a death sentence on her. Doctors told us she wouldn’t live past a week to two. So here I (mom) am sitting beside my sleeping beauty, who turned 4 months today. What a fighter she is. Each month that passes by we are getting close to her 1 year birthday. I have already found the toys I’m getting her for Christmas. Can’t wait to celebrate these holidays with her. So proud of her.

Well Wednesday starts my busy week. My nurse comes tomorrow hopefully hear from the doctor on when surgery is for me.

Skylar Allen team for her development comes Wednesday. Her feeding tube is back in and we set it to 10. Hope this will help her in not gagging or throwing up anymore.

Thursday who knows Friday no school Saturday Shea has a overnight camping trip fingers cross I can go depends on surgery back late Sunday. Ok now where in this schedule is sleep.


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