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Skylar Allen Ashes Trisomy 18

Love for Skylar


October 17, 2016
We get  Skylar’s ashes back in a temporary urn. Hopefully have permanent urn in a couple weeks.  It’s been almost a week since she went to live with our Lord. Miss you so much Skylar my fancy lady.

We thank all who have followed Skylar, and came to her funeral. We also thank for all that have donated. We are at peace but miss her dearly.

Wow seems every since Skylar Allen has pass every day a trisomy baby is passing. So sad for all of us grieving parents. Please keep all Trisomy babies in your prayers.

Ahhhh so nice to have no drain or stitches since this last surgery, so got to take a nice shower. Can’t wait till tomorrow. For the people know what’s going on tomorrow don’t say anything. I’ll reveal it tomorrow.


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