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Skylar 2 Months Appointment

Ride to Skylar doctors apt. Video

At Skylar’s doctor apt. Video

July 27, 2016
Video is from our ride to Skylar’s doctor and at doctors apt. She was being fussy on our way up there.
She got her shots, two of them. We kept it together, she did cried but she is a trooper.

Baby girl had a rough night leg were hurting her but no fever at all yay. So been giving her meds for the pain and she is relaxing in just a diaper. We got a lot of good news with her and her doctor was awesome.

Next appointment is for her heart to check her VSD and see what’s going on. We did ask for another genetic test and other blood work to check her kidneys. Now waiting to see when doctor going to set up her appointment for this to be done.

Now on to me (mom). My wound has a tunnel where the fluid is collecting and the tunnel isn’t closing up. So I might have to go back in for surgery. To clean the tunnel and then sewing up the tunnel. So after everything is said and done I should have my own hospital just trying to think of a name for it lol. We hope everyone has a great day.


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