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Sick Little Babies Prayer

Sick Little Babies Prayer



August 11, 2016
From Barnett Bencomo Maria, one of our friends. We use Facebook to post chains, games, pictures , memes, politics.
So this morning I was thinking about babies and how many of them are going through health problems.

SO I told myself , how about I start a prayer group for all these babies and you can pray with me and add your babies if they are in need of a miracle, what do you say?

here we go:

Dear Father we come to you at this hour . united in prayer for these little Angels Emmanuel, Jonathan, Madelyne, Skylar Allen , Nubecita Orozco . Jacobo etc, etc,
______________ Lord we do not have to open our mouths because you already know the needs of these familes. But Father we are all in one accord praying that you make these sweet children whole. Heal them from head to toe , inside out. Father allow The parents to presence a miracle before their eyes. And let us all be witness of yet another miracle. Lord the same way you raised Lazarus from the dead, the same way you healed the blind. The same way you lifted the paraplegic and made him walk. The same way you healed the woman from her torment of 12 yrs.
Lord I know, that I know, that you and Only You Jesus can do this in that same way because you are still within us and you have the power.
We place these beautiful babies in your wonderful scarred hands Lord make them a living testimony of your POWER YOUR WONDER WORKING POWER….. In Jesus mighty name. The name that is above all names. The Lord of Lords and king of Kings. … Thank you Jesus for what you are doing.because what you have started You will complete it. Aleluyah !!!
just like your Holy word says…

Philippians 1:6 International Standard Version (ISV)

6 I am convinced of this, that the one who began a good action among you will bring it to completion by the Day of the Messiah Jesus.

All this we pray and ask in Jesus Name……………….Amen


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