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Positive for Trisomy 18

Skylar Trisomy 18 05-28-16-Father-Blessed-Skylar05-28-16-Father-Blessed-Skylar










May, 27, 2016
Please pray hard everyone, our daughter is in a rough road ahead that may be good or bad. Trisomy 18, which she most likely has. I don’t know if we can handle this. Jessica Allen

May, 28, 2016
The day is so much better. Had the priest from St. Pius X come down to bless our daughter. What made it more meaningful is he baptized her here in the hospital. Not going to lie there wasn’t a dry eye in site. Big thank you Father.

May 31, 2016
I (dad) checked up on Skylar this morning. Doctors had tried taking her off of oxygen. Nurse said she had hard time breathing, and was going to order a x-ray. While monitoring her notice she was having some difficulties, and placed her back on oxygen. Bed temperature when down which is good.

Hour later doctor calls the wife. He explains the chromosome test came back positive for Trisomy 18. We had never heard of Trisomy 18. He looked at her x-rays to find she had water in her lungs, and this might be the sign of her body shutting down.  Doctor gave Skylar one week to two weeks at the most before she meets our almighty God.

Lord, we can’t take this. God I ask why, why her? Let me trade places with her oh Lord. If it goes to the worse case, God calls for her hopefully we will have enough to cover what is needed.


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