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Ordained Priest Blessed Home and Skylar

Skylar Trisomy 18 Baby Bath Time


June 17, 2016
Skylar is doing well. She is loving her baths. Pearl our dog protects her and loves her also.

Had our newly ordained priest, Father Alan come bless our home and anoint my daughter, with saying some prayers. Me, my wife, and mother notice as soon as the father laid his hand above her head she kind of trembled or moved. Of course my mother was teary eyed, and I was so proud.

My mother had the Father at St. Pius X in Tucson baptized her, then 3 Greek orthodox father’s come and say prayers and a blessing for her. Then Father Alan blessed the house and anoint her. God is good, and he will heal our Angel. The 20th of June she will a month old. She is a fighter.


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