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Missing Skylar Allen Trisomy 18

wing nails for angel Skylar


October 15, 2016
I went and got my nails done yesterday with wings in remembrance of my angel baby Skylar. This is the urn we are going to get. The wife went yesterday to make sure it will work for Skylar’s ashes, as we had her cremated.

Skylar Allen Trisomy 18 Urn

It’s funny. I (Jessica-mom) slept on the couch for almost 4 months since we had Skylar Allen home and I can’t seem to go and sleep in my bed. I feel close to her on the couch. I have her 2 covers that she use a lot and the pillow i made for her and that she slept with the night she pass. All wrapped in it. Love you my sweet fancy lady. Mommy, daddy, sissy and Pearl loves you so much and we miss you. Your fight is over and out is starting. We will fight for our trisomy 18 families.

My sweet girl Shea. She is taking it hard. She said she feels alone. She miss her sissy so much. Shea sleeping close to me tonight. Oh Skylar Allen how we miss you so much. Please give her sissy strength. You were her everything and she feels lost.

The main picture is from CarlyMarie Project Heal October 15th I am remembrance of my beautiful daughter. CarlyMarie is an Artist, Writer and Inspirational Speaker, CarlyMarie Dudley.

This October 15th you are invited to spread awareness for this sacred day of remembrance by using one of these remembrance images as your profile picture. Help to reach the people in this world who are suffering in silence, the people who do not even know that our community exists. Share these remembrance images with your family, friends and support groups and invite everyone to swap their profile pictures just for one day  Together we can grow this community and spread recognition and healing.


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