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Family Visiting Skylar


skylar-grandma-grandpa Nana-and-grandbabies-06-04-16


June 04, 2016
Family is up here at hospice spending quality time with Skylar. Hope they will have many more times for being able to visit her. We keep praying. God is good and we pray he will keep her with us for a long time. 

I thank all that came by to photograph our wonderful family. Also a BIG thank you for all your prayers. I believe Skylar was here to teach us something. I have seen a community come together to help for someone they don’t know, embrace our precious gift from God. Trisomy 18 is evil to us. Hopefully this can educate folks on this terrible chromosome disorder. Light Blue ribbon is for Trisomy 18. Soon I get a chance I getting one air brushed on our vehicles.

We are so happy. Prayers are still needed, next big hurdle it get to her release date on Wednesday June 13, 2016. Then to get to her first birthday. I know folks will be having a car wash for Skylar soon. I let everyone know when. We’re so blessed to have all of y’all helping and praying for us. Really means a lot, and Skylar has taught us some amazing stuff. One to bring the community together.



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