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Big Sister Shea

Shea's Paper about Skylar
August 19, 2016
My sweet girl Shea did this in school. Makes me tear up because she wants her baby sister to get better. She loves her so much. As I look at the other kids papers they all said they would buy stuff for themselves but Shea’s is for her baby sister. Sweet sister Shea.

Skylar threw up a lot this morning, so I (mom) took off her feeding tube. Yesterday she stayed awake during the day for almost 4 hours.

Skylar came by this evening. She watch me put her feeding tube back in. Guess they getting tired of coming out ha-ha. So we push down her feeding and will see how she does and eventually move it back up.  I walked away for just a few seconds, come back and Skylar took out their feeding tube. Ugh had to put those mittens on her so she can’t grab the feeding tube to be able to pull it back out.


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